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Half Day Preschool                                                                                      Pre Kindergarten (9-1pm) Children ages 2.9-5 years

Little Crusaders offers a Half Day Program that is designed to provide three and four-year-old children with fun, enriching, developmentally appropriate skills and concept-building experiences. This is a comprehensive 10-month program that encourages higher level thinking skills for intellectual pursuit and fosters emotional, social, and physical development while boosting a child's self-esteem. These are pre-kindergarten programs where we concentrate on preparing the children for kindergarten. A part-time program designed to give children the opportunity to socialize with their peers in a more structured environment. Children participate in center-based activities that involve music, art, dramatic play, nature, cooking, etc. which enables children to develop at their own pace. Appropriate schedules to accommodate children who are beginning to expand their time away from home.

Full Day Preschool,                                                                                       Pre-Kindergarten (children ages 2.9-5)

Full day preschool program is designed primarily for working parents who want their child to have an outstanding preschool program spread across an entire day. You may choose from 2, 3, 4 or 5 days per week. Our all day program follows the same curriculum as our half day preschool where we work on the skills that are appropriate for the age of your child. We help the children prepare for Kindergarten if they are age appropriate. We work on the same social emotional skills, pre-reading and math skills as we do in our half day pre-school program. Because the children are with us all day, it gives us more of an opportunity to help any child who needs any extra attention after their morning activities.

Before and After School Care (Kindergarten-age 8)

Little Crusader Before & After School Program provides the perfect combination of recreational and educational activities for a well balanced out-of-school experience. Children end each day excited about the broad range of engaging, hands-on activities that allow them to develop their interests and skills, as well as having the opportunity to spend time on homework so that they can spend more quality time at home.
The Before & After School Program incorporates:
•Physical Activity Time - Children play on our playground or, if the weather is uncooperative, enjoy games or songs. It's time spent giving their bodies what they need, while connecting with friends to talk about their day at school.
•Group Meeting Time - The children gather together to foster a sense of community. Each child shares a positive experience from their day, which gives our teachers the opportunity
to get to know your child, respond to their varying needs and adapt the program to fit their interests.
•Homework/Quiet Time - Provides 30 minutes for homework completion. If your child does not have homework they may participate in a constructive, quiet activity, such as leisure reading, puzzle construction, or completion of an art inspired activity.
•Project Time - Children break up into workshop areas where they collaborate on various long-term projects.
•Literature Circle Time - Invites children to share their ideas about the literature being read.